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Päivää, päivää....Musti says “Welcome to the official web site of PasiCats……Enjoy!!!”


Unfortunately Octoberfest at Michigan Tech University (Oct. 25th) has been canceled...maybe next year!!!

Middle Bridge Music Jam, December 6, Orpheum, Hancock, 8 p.m.


In October, PasiCats had a backcountry music session with Bernie Larsen and his recording studio. Check out our praise to the glorious Copper Country in Youtube....."Ode to the UP"

PASICATS at Finnfest 2011. Check out more photos by Liisa (Melissa) and Pertti (Bernie Larsen) in our photo gallery.


You can check a nice article with loads of photos from PasiCats Pikkujoulu from Brownstone Hall at Keveenaw Now!


Where's Valki?" CD has finally arrived!!!!

After two long years, we have finally received our Live CD from Finnfest 2008 in Duluth. Ten songs from old to new and from waltzes to fox trots are waiting for listeners. You can listen to all the songs RIGHT HERE in the PasiCats Radio. For those, who don't want to wait to get our CD during one of the performances, you can purchase it online from the Finnsight store.


Arguably the 3rd best Finnish dance band in the whole Copper Country, PasiCats, was formed in early 2006 in the music town called South (or Strange) Range of the Upper Peninsula, Michigan. The formation of the band was a response to the numerous requests by the local Finns or “Finn-minded” people regarding today’s dance hall music in Finland. The original conspirators, Pasi and Raimo, took advantage of the regular blizzard conditions to start the creative chaos that was destined to become one of the most “omituinen” bands of the Copper Country. They were later joined by Kullervo, Paris, and Kerkko for the first PasiCats performance at the legendary South Range Community Hall in late March, 2006. By this time, Musti had also taken over as the creative and artistic leader of the band. After the first performance, the band was joined by the UP Finn-music master Oren (Tikka-Ori) Tikkanen, completing the current lineup.

Since the first performance, PasiCats have been performing in the indoor and outdoor dances, concerts and festivals throughout the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Mid-West. In addition to dances, some of the most memorable performances to date have been a visit to Soumi Katsuu TV program, rocking the house at the Aura Jamboree in 2007-2009, playing at Finnfests 2008 in Ohio and Duluth, Minnesota, FinnFallBall concert with a legendary Finnish musician, Lannen-Jukka at Runeberg Hall in Dollar Bay and playing for World Folk Music Festival in Calumet Theater. In addition, Musti has found himself a partner, Valki, which makes him one happy cat.

PasiCats play a wide variety of dance music, ranging from waltzes and jenkkas to polkas, tangos, reggaes and even rock’n roll. In addition to the original tunes that come with a mystic combination of Finnish and English lyrics, PasiCats mixes original songs written by Pasi with songs written in early 1900s (such as Tuohinen Sormus) and the current dance hall music from Finland, performed by bands such as Yolintu. While maintaining the original soul of the songs, PasiCats brings their own twist to the music, whether it is new English lyrics, Raimo’s exceptional Finnish vocals, Paris’s guitar solo played behind the head or MC Tikka-Ori’s rap in the South Range Polka. Everyone from toddlers to senior citizens is welcome to the concerts and the more people twist on the dance floor, the better. Feel free to spin around the web site, take a look at the photos and listen or watch PasiCats music. If you have any questions or comments or want to book PasiCats for an event, you can contact us here …….and stay tuned for the upcoming shows!!!! See you there!!!



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